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All Dinners Come With 2 Side Dishes Listed Below

Rice Dressing Stuffed Cornish Hen with Cornbread Dressing  $9.99
Rice Dressing Stuffed Pork Tenderloin with Cornbread Dressing & Rice Dressing  $8.99
Smoked Pork Chop with Cornbread Dressing & Rice Dressing   $7.99
Smoked Pork Ribs with Baked Beans   $9.99
Smoked Turkey Breast with Cornbread Dressing & Rice Dressing  $8.99
Tur-Duc-ken with Cornbread Dressing-covered with Crawfish Etouffee  $8.99
Crawfish Etouffee over Rice  $8.99 over cornbread dressing add $1.00
Crawfish Bisque over Rice  $9.99 over cornbread dressing add $1.00
Crawfish Etouffee Supreme with Fried Catfish or Fried Shrimp  $12.95
White or Red Beans with Smoked Sausage  $7.99
Fried Fish &  Fried Shrimp combo with Fries  $9.99
Vegetable Plate:  3 choices:  $4.99  5 choices:  $5.99
Fried Chicken Tenders (2) with red or white beans $8.99
Bellue's Salad:  lett, tom, cheddar cheese, ham & turkey (ranch or italian dressing)  $6.99
Fried Shrimp Salad:  lett, tom, cheddar cheese & fried shrimp( ranch or italian dressing)  $8.99
Fried Chicken Tender Salad: let, tom, cheddar cheese (ranch or Italian dressing) $8.99
Monday Special:  Deer  & Chicken Sauce Piquant  $7.99
Wednesday Special:  Shrimp Etouffee over  Rice   $7.99
Thursday Special:  Shrimp Creole  $7.99
Friday Special:  Shrimp Fettuccine  $7.99

                                            Side Dishes:
Available in Large: $4.50 or Small: $2.50
Corn                                                 White Beans

Broccoli & Rice Casserole               Baked Beans
Rice Dressing                                  Macaroni & Cheese
Candied Yams                        Cornbread Dressing
Mustard Greens                      Lima Beans
Green Beans                          Red Beans 

                 Dressed with: lettuce, tomato, mayo & mustard, on toasted french bread
                                add cheese .25 

Fried Shrimp (lettuce, tomato & cocktail sauce)   $8.99
Fried Fish                          $8.99
Smoked Deer Sausage    $6.99
Smoked Rabbit Sausage $6.99 
Tur-Duc-Ken                     $5.99 
Smoked Pork Sausage    $5.99
Smoked Turkey Breast   $6.99
Smoked Ham                   $5.99

                             Dressed with lettuce, tomato, mayo & mustard
                             Wheat bread-add .25    Cheese-add .25
Smoked Turkey Breast   $3.99
Smoked Ham                  $3.99
Bac-Ham Burger             $4.99

Fries     $2.00                                                                     Fried Boudin Link      $2.00
Hushpuppies (4)    $2.00                                                    Cheddar Peppers      $2.00
Boudin Link:  Regular or Smoked    $1.50                          Sausage Link           $3.00
Cajun Hot Tamales (6)     $6.99                                          Fried Pork Skins       $2.00 

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